The Beauty Blogger Award 

Helllooo everybody,,, I’m really happy to start writing this post.

I was nominated by the beautiful ❤️BlackIsTheNewElegant❤️ 

Thank you love for nominating me.

Let’s start with answering the questions 😉

1. Who inspired you to start blogging?

I got inspired by watching Shaaanxo on youtube, I said I really want to start sharing my interests but by writing because I love writing.

2. Which one makeup item would younot be able to live without and why?

Concealer, because I really have dark circles and concealer was the first makeup item I buy and this is what made me start wearing makeup and love it.

3. Do you have passion for fashion or love for makeup?

Hard questions,,, may I say both? Haha

I would say love for makeup.

4. If you had £100 what would you spend them on?

I would go out for makeup shopping and stop somewhere for a nice coffee.

5. Who’s your favorite celeb?

Luke Evans 😍

6. What’s your favorite type of shoes?


7. Imagine it’s fashion week in London, what would you wear?

Sleeveless  long maron dress, with a big silver necklace, and silver highheels.

8. If you could work/live anywhere, where would it be?

Ireland, I love the nature there, it’s nice country.

9. Which cosmetics brand is your favorite?

I will say one drugstore and one highend,

NYX and Too Faced.

10. Why do you think you were nominated?

Hmmm, I think I blog often about makeup but a lot of readers don’t know much about me?!

Now I’m done with my questions and my turn to ask 😉 

1. Are you a coffee person or tea person?

2. Do you take forever in the bathroom? Or you’re quick?

3. Do you wear makeup everyday?

4. What is your favorite makeup item.

5. Do you try new colors for makeup? Or sick with natural looks?

7. Are you a casual person or a classic person?

8. What’s your favorite season and why?

9. Would you rather use your finger for applying eyeshadow or use the small sponge applicators?

10. Fancy restaurant? Or fast food?

Now, I’m done with my questions 😉

For the beautifuls I will nominated: 

You will have to answer the questions, then create new ones,,, nominate 10 bloggers, let them know 😍

I nominated: 



Dash of fashion girl

Hello Lesya 


fadila henry

Clumsy Cosmetics 

Bee Beauty

coffee with zoe.

Glitter Fantasy…

Enjoy answering my questions 😝😝😝

Thanks for reading everybody… Have a great one.

See you later.

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