Korean Soft Makeup

Hello everybody,,, welcome to my page…

If you read some of my old posts you probably know that I’m obsessed with Korean beauty products…

I want to share with you some of the simple soft Korea makeup looks that would be awesome for work, or when you don’t have enough time but you still want to wear something nice but fast…

Korean makeup looks seem to focus on soft blusher not bronzing and contouring, wish safes some time but yet have some nice color on your face, and as well soft light eyeshadow with a little bit of eyeliner…

Here are some pictures to inspire you 👇🏼

I hoped you liked them… Thanks for popping in… Talk to you soon ❤️


Recent Faves


Hey beauties, long time no see, wish everyone is doing great.

I’m here today with my lates faves, not much but I thought I should share how I feel about these products and review them, let’s begin:

Tomato wrinkle cream by Skin Food: It’s a day cream with SPF that’s why it’s handy and useful specially if you go out a lot in the morning, it helps erase wrinkles and it moisturize your skin.

Makeup remover by Bioderma: It’s my first time trying it and already loving it, great makeup remover, removes your eye makeup without irritating your eyes. 

Baked blush by Hard Candy in the shade Rouge A Joues: Beautiful pink shade with a little bit of shimmer so you can use it without highlighter if you like.

Whipped lipstick by NYX in the shade Dark Cloud: Feels very nice and soft on the lips, doesn’t dry them out, and this color is beautiful, every time I wear I get compliments. 

That’s it for now,,, talk to you soon, bye.