Empties #6

Hello everybody,,, I really missed talking to you a lot,,, I’m back with some reviews of my empties, let’s get started…


You know by now that I got obsessed with Korean beauty products lately, so don’t get surprised when you find Korean things in almost every post…

SkinFood Argan Oil hair conditioner: I liked it a lot it made my hair softer, I loved the smell.

Botanics Brightening toner: One of my favorite toners ever and I keep rebuying it, very gentle on the skin, cheap price.

SkinFood Lettuce Water spray: I liked it to refresh my skin every now and then, smells amazing.

Pokemon peel off mask by Tony Moly: I have to have a peeling mask in my skin care routine and use it once or twice a week because it really does clean the skin, and this one did a great job,,, and I love the cute packaging.

Vasanti Bright Up face scrub: I received it in one of Glossyboxes and I used it up and liked how it felt on my skin, I used it everyday and it was very soft and gentle.

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked it.

Talk to you soon ❤


Massive Haul 


Hello everybody,,, I have a huge haul to share with you guys, like I said before I went a little crazy on shopping specially Korean products,,, I didn’t want to include everything little thing I got, but I included the very exciting ones, I just didn’t want this post to be very long,,, I will go in order by high end, Korean and then Drugstore, and in each section I will start with skin care, makeup and then body stuff…

I tried some of these things, I will give a little review, and I will go mote specific on next posts.

Let’s get started…

High end:

The Tarteist Pro palette by Tarte: Such a beautiful palette starting from the packaging going through everything, it has pretty matte colors and some shimmers on the side with a big mirror, can’t wait to play with it.

Mac Young Attitude liquid lipstick: It’s pretty dark green teal lovely when it’s blended with other light colors.

Lime Crime Jinx liquid lipstick: Really beautiful dark purple ISH shade, stays on for long time without drying the lips.


AC cleansing water by Etude House: I use it when my skin is acting crazy, it makes it really clean.

Collagen gel toner by Berrisom: I use it as serum before applying my moisturizer,,, makes the skin feels very soft.

Collagen mist by Maxclinic: I used it couple of times when my skin needed extra moist,,, it feels perfect and not sticky or anything, super smooth.

AC care solution by Mizon: One of my favorite skin care products ever, you apply on the acne/pimple over night and in the morning you’ll see the huge difference.

Lemon sleeping mask by Urban Dollkiss: Beautiful smell, goes on smoothly,,, sleeping masks are usually last step on the skin care routine, ypu apply it at night and wash it of in the morning,,, this one helped brighten up my little pimple scars on my chin.

Honey sleeping mask by Holika Holika: This one really does smell amazing and delicious,,, you would feel that it is a little bit sticky in the beginning but when you massage it on your skin you won’t feel that stickiness anymore.

Tony Moly sleek mist: I didn’t try it yet but I think it would be nice after applying makeup.

Holi Pop powder by Holika Holika: I bought it because it has SPF which is good when you need more of it during the day but you’re wearing makeup.

Baby Face powder by It’s Skin: It has SPF as well,,, and the packaging is just adorable.

EyeNLip concealer: I didn’t try it yet, can’t wait.

Holika Holika spray: It smells very nice,,, just like baby powder, very nice and soft smell.


Boots whitch hazel cleansing water: It’s my second bottle, I like how it cleans the skin and gets rid of extra oil.

Makeup Revolution the matte ultra eyeshadow palette: Beautiful shades, good for everyday looks, they ate pigmented and easy to blend.

Makeup Revolution Salted Carmel palette: This is the dupe palette for Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced,,, very nice palette.

Revlon eyelashes glue: Didn’t try it yet, I will let you know soon.

Japanese cherry blossom lotion by Bath & Body Works: I keep repurchasing it,,, amazing smell, just perfect lotion.

Thanks everyone, hope you liked it, I will talk to you very soon to review some of the products that I used enough to tell you about… 

have a nice one.

Empties #5

Hi beauties,,, looong time no see, I miss posting and reviewing so much…

I’m back with some empties to share with you my thoughts about them.

White Musk Smoky Rose mist by The Body Shop: It smells so nice, smells sweet, very good, I would buy it again.

Johnson & Johnson cologne: You know I go through a lot of them already 🤣 very nice and light smell.

Fa Fresh & Dry deodorant: I like how it smells, very soft, it works very well with me, I already bought another one.

Boots nail polish remover: Very good, it removes the nail polish without leaving the nails very dry, and it doesn’t smell so strong, it’s big enough and will last you some good time, I bought another one.

Bioderma makeup remover: Very good for sensitive eyes, I loved it and going to buy the full size.

Avon eye makeup remover lotion: It was good, it removes the makeup and gives moist to the skin, I liked it, I still have other ones I like more though.

Avon Mega Effects mascara: I think I reviewed it before, it’s nice I like it, it just looks weird in the beginning but ones you use it you would like it.

The Rocket mascara by Maybelline: And if you know me already, you lnow how much I looove this mascara… Perfect one.

Thanks for stopping by ❤ I will talk to you soon.

Empties #4

Hey beuties,,, I hope you’re all doing well…

It’s been long time since I posted my last empties,,, I had a lot this time, but I minimized them to this amount,,, I had enough to say about these products and enough time to use them and be able to review them well.

Let’s get started…


Keep It Sweet Strawberry Smoothie shower scrub: It was good I enjoyed using it, but it’s more like a shower gel, it does scrub but not that much, I liked the smell, I don’t think I will rebuy it, I already have more body scrubs that I use always, I got this one from Boots by the way.

Keep It Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake bath and shower gel: I got it from Boots as well,,, this one I enjoyed more, it does last a lot since the bottle is huge,,, I love the smell I like how it cleans my body and how it feels on it,,, and yesss I’m going to rebuy it again for sure.

Rexona Fresh antiperspirant roll-on: I liked it’s fresh and clean smell, it really stays on for good period of time,,, great for the prize and I’n going to rebuy it.

Maybelline Super Stay concealer: I already have a second one of it,,, I liked it alot,,, good coverage, blendable, but for me I mix it with other concealers and this is how I do my concealer personally,,, but yes it’s good product.

NYX HD concealer:  I liked it, but I don’t think I will rebuy it, for me it was okay coverage, blends okay,,, I have concealers that I like more,,, and a lot more products from NYX that I believe I can’t keep doing my makeup without, I would say NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands. 

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed… XOXO

October Favorites

Hellooo everybody,,, I really miss writing,,, didn’t post for long time,,, but here I’m back with my October Favorites… Let’s get started 😉

Those are my favorite makeup items for this month. 

The Witch Hazel gel from Boots: It controls shine so it’s great for T-Zone area before foundation.

Bourjoise Mascara: It’s the Full Volume kind, and it’s true,,, it gives the lashes great volume, and it’s very affordable.

Revlon Concealer: It’s the stick kind, in the begging I was’t sure if I like it that much, but after using it a couple of times I really did,,, it’s great when you don’t want to wear makeup but just need a little thing to cover blemishes or dark circles, it gives good coverage, not full but natural look.

Maxfactor Lipliner: This one is on the shade Red Blush, it is very good you can wear it as your lipstick, this shade is perfect for Fall and Winter.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post,,, hope you liked it. 

Have a great one 😉

July Favorites

  Hello everybody!!! I’m writing my monthly favorites, so those are my favorite items of July. The shimmer mist Be Enchanted by Bath & Body Works: It smells so good, it’s sweet and sugary smell, it makes you feel so fresh, plus it gives your skin a nice shiny glow because of the shimmers but yet it’s not to bright on your skin so it’s good, it looks nice when you spray it on your arms, it perfect on the summer days. Lady Speed Stick: It’s great deodorant and it smells really fresh.  Nip+Fab Shine fix: I bought this fromBoots, was very cheap, I love to put it on my T-zone area before applying my foundation, it’s really nice I enjoy using it. Baby Skin by Maybelline: I like it a lot, I just use a little bit of it before the foundation, it gives you skin an even looking tone. Big Bold maskara by Isadora: It’s affordable and works very well, it gave my lashes big volume. Colour Rush by Rimmel: I talked about it before, but I really love it, now I don’t see my makeup collection is complete without having couple of those in it, I really like the moist it gives to my skin, and I like how it last long on my lips. Summer Eyes palette by Too Faced:    The reason I enjoy using this beautiful palette is the shimmery colors of the left, I use them as highlighters and I found that they do a very good job, and of course the eyeshadoe colors are good, they are not that strong but I like using them specially that Coral Crush as transition color, it is very nice and blends good. Thanks for stopping by, hopefully you liked it. Have a nice one ❤️

Empties #3


Hello everybody,,, I sharing with you today my 3rd empties post, and going to share my experience about each product. 


Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampo,,, it’s such a great product and I already bought another one and using it right now, I loved it, I like how it cleans how it smells and how it leaves your hair smooth and shiny. 

Garnier Fuctis conditioner, it’s for colored hair, I used it because I dye my hair, it was good I enjoyed it but I’m using Tresemme now  and I liked it a lot. 


Victoria’s Secret Passion Struck body lotion, I loooved this lotion, it’s really good and hydrating, not greasy at all and smells amazing, for sure going to buy more.

Bath & Body Works Enchanted body lotion,,, I love their lotion anyways, this one smells sweet and nice.


Those are some little  shower gels.

Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate shower gel,,, smells so good, I enjoyed it a lot.

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel,,, I love all vanilla stuff from Bath & Body Works,,, this gel smells so sweet and good, I going to buy the big bottle.

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus shower gel,,, it’s very good the smell is amazing,,, going to buy the big one definitely.


H&M Citrus Vanilla body splash,,, very good smell,,, makes feel fresh and it’s good for the price.


Boots eye makeup remover, that is one of my favorite makeup removers,,, I already have another one that I’m using right now, the formula of it is good, it’s gel texture,,, it’s really cheap.

N7 Faoming Cleanser, this one should be for normal to oily skin, I have dry skin but when I wear makeup I get oily on the T-zero ne some times so I said I will try that,,, it was okay product, but I’m using other stuff now that I like more.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear cleanser, I really like this one a lot, it really cleans your skin deeply,,, the texture is gel so I like it more that the foam ones.


Last empty for this post is Boots Antibacterial Hand Gel,,, I loved this one a lot, it cleans and smells very good, I had it on my vanity and was using it during doing my makeup,,, it is very cheap and stays long time.

That’s it for now,,, talk to you later on my next post.


Botanics Mask Review

Hey ladies ❤

I’m writing today about Botanics Ionic clay mask by Boots.


It’s really good mask, cheap and easy to find at any Boots,,, it says shine away on it, and it’s true you’ll feel the difference on the T-zone area after using it couple of times,,, after you apply the mask it takes like 5 to 10 minutes to dry on your face and then after you wash it off it leaves your skin really clean.

Thanks for reading ❤

Have a great weekend everybody 😉

Empties #2


Hey ladies,,, I’m sharing with you today my second empties…

Are you ready to dig in with me?! I have a lot of things to talk about 😉


Those are some hair products

Tresemme Platinium Strength shampoo, I loved this product and bought another one already but my new one is with Keratin.

Aussie hairconditioner is really good product I enjoyed using it a lot. 

Fruit Essence hair conditioner from Boots, I really liked it but I still have other conditioners that I liked more.

Botanics conditioner from Boots, it came with hair dye, it was okay product, not sure if I will buy it again.


Some body sprays

My favorite body spray by Nivea, I always use it and probably you’re going to see it every empties post lol.

Velvet Sugar from Bath & Body Works, I looove the smell it’s so delicious.

Warm Vanilla Bath & Body Works, it’s one of my favorite scents in this store.

Midnight Pomegranate Bath & Body Works, really good smell it’s really strong. 

And Keep It Sweet Mango Delight from Boots, I liked this one a lot and going to buy it again, it’s great for the prize 🙂


Some face stuff

Peel off mask by Hollywood, I liked this mask it made my skin feel so clean and fresh, it smells nice, and it stayed with me for pretty good long time, going to buy it again. 

Clean & Clear facial scrub, I keep buying it, it’s part of my morning routine, and really cleans the face and control the shine in the T-Zone erea with out drying out your skin.

Cucumber facial scrub by Boots, was good product, I think this one is my second already, plus I like the size if it, it’s handy for travelling.


Some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers,,, the Twisted Peppermint is my second one, I liked it and bought 2 at the same time, it was Christmas edition,,, the other one is Dancing Water and this one is my favorite one I keep buying it, it smells so good and clean.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading 


Little Boots haul 


Heeey beautiful ladies,,, I have a litte haul to share with you guys.


Ecotools brushes,,, I havn’t tried them before but I heard from a lot of people that they’re pretty good, so I said I will try them and I liked the makeup bag that they come with ❤️

Aaannnd Real Techniques blender 😍😍😍 when I saw it I was like yeeesss and took right away to my basket, it’s kinda hard to find it in Kuwait, I’m really glad I did, I wanted the other pink one too but didn’t find it, I’m good with that one though.


Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain,,, that’s the reason I went to Boots, I’ve been thinking about it lately, I love this color, Spring is here and this color will go very well with Springy makeup looks 😍 I like the applicator and looove the packaging,,, I swatched it on my hand while I was there to see the color on my skin and cleaned my hand with tissue, it stained my hand and I continued shopping for a while and the color was still there,,, I really like this product.  


What do you think about these Marry M little guys??? Cute aren’t they??? 😉


And I got these Keep It Sweet Mango Delight body mists, it was an offer buy one get one free from the same kind, but I like it though, it goes well with my Mango body butter from Boots aswell. 

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day/ evening 😘