My very favorite palettes “BoxyCharm” 2018

Hi beautiful people, how are you doing? Hope everyone is doing great.

Here are my very favorite 3 palettes that I received through the beauty monthly description “BoxyCharm”

Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe:

Beautiful colors, has everything works with any makeup look,,, very pigmented… Plus you can do many looks with only this palette.

ColorPop Element Of Surprise:

Gorgeous colors, specially the purple chrome color, amazing. They blend easily,, very good quality.

Pur Midnight Masquerade:

It has four face colors, and six eye colors, and shimmery eyeshadows are super beautiful for pop of color look, overall great palette, specially for traveling.

Thanks for stopping by, talk to you again soon.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in becoming a Charmer member 👇🏼


Have a great day/evening ❤️


Warm Natural Look

Hello beautiful people…

I want to share with you today my warm eye makeup look…

All the eyeshadows used are from BHcosmetics 120 color 2nd edition.

The concealeris Mac pro long wear “one of my faves”.

Eyeliner is by Mark makeup.

And the mascara is Doucce.

That’s it, I just wanted to create a simple warm look, and I thought I should share it with you guys.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you like it…

Talk to you soon, enjoy your weekend ❤️

Light+Shade Quad Review 



Hi beauties…

I got this cute little palette recently and used it couple of times and loved it, I enjoyed doing my eye makeup with it a lot…

I want to share my review with you guys.

The packaging is perfect,,, really heavy duty and safe to travel with as well,,, and it looks pretty gorgeous, it has a little mirror inside big enough to touch up your makeup throughout the day.
The colors are beautiful and super pigmented,,, plus easy to blend,,, they stay on all day.

Thanks for stopping by,,, hope you liked it,,, talk to you soon. 

Morphie 350 Matte Palette 


  I finally  got it,,,

My first palette from Morphie Brushes,,, I’m really happy and excited to start playing around with these beautiful colors.

They’re all warm and matte,,, it’s basically perfect for any eye makeup,,, the colors are really pigmented and easy to blend,,, the pans are BIG,,, perfect size, it’s a great palette and cheap, woukd work for any skin color, and good  foe everyday makeup as well…

I would recommend it to every body, can’t wait to get another shimmery palette,,, as soon as I start using it, I’m going to share the looks I create with you guys. 

Have a great one ❤️

10 days update 

Heeey beauties,,, I’m sure you remember when I started my 10 days swatches hashtag in Instagram,,, so here is the 10 pictures that I shared,,, I hope you like them,,, you can always go check them on my account.

Thanks for everyone who went their to check them and follow my account,,, thanks a lot for your support, I promise I will keep it up.

Love you all. 

Colorful eye makeup 

Hey pretty ladies of WP

Since summer is here it’s good to change our eye makeup routines and add some nice bright colors,,, and it’s good chance for everyone to start using their bright colors that they avoid sometimes,,, it’s really good to blend those colors with warmer shades and get the cute look. 

I saw some really good looks that I wanted to share with you guys,,, it might inspire you.



This is so beautiful can’t wait to try it


And here are pop of blue looks



Thanks for stoping by,,, I hope you liked it.

Have a great weekend 😉 

BH 120 eyeshadow 1st edition 

Helllooo guuuys,,, how’s everything going??? Wish great

I’m writing today about BH 120 eyeshadow palette 😮 1st edition 

Look at the packaging,,, it’s really nice and sleek 😀

Boom!!! I know the colors are craaazy bright haha

I got this package recently since Spring is almost here so all I was thinking about is some cool cute bright colors to play with my eyes makeup 😉

I actually looove the colors when you blend them with more warm colors to break the brightness a little bit it’s gonna look cool.

I love to use those crazy blues as eyeliners and then apply my liquid black eyeliner on the top, all I do is I wet my angled brush a little bit and work with it.

The pigmentation of the colors is good, and  they blend smoothly. 

120 different colors of eyeshadow for such a cheep price??? Oh yes I love it haha

Here are some swatches from each color for you guys 😉 

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Thanks for reading