My First GlossyBox


Hi chics,,, Here’s what I received in my first GlossyBox 👆🏼

Just like any other subscription beauty service, you receive monthly box with 5 beauty products,,, it’s 20 a month, BELIEVE me it worth it.

Let’s dig in and see the products…

Perfect Formula pink gel coat to strength the nails.

A rosy scent perfume.

A small night mask “cream mask”.

A brow mascara.

All products are really great,,, I will be reviewing more in depth when I get to use them often and let you guys know,,, probably I will include something in my faves posts.

Thanks for stopping by,,, have a great one ❤️❤️❤️


My Second Round In Skin Food


Hi beauties,,, how are you all doing??? I hope great.

Remember the first time I went to Skin Food??? And I was really impressed??? I said I have to go back and get more stuff, and I did…

I will give you a little review of each product that I got,,, in the picture above 👆🏼

Black bean mask: Very nice sheet mask that makes your skin feels so soft,,, smells nice and the texture is milky.

Lettuce and cucumber water mist: I liked it a lot, I loved how it moisturizes the skin, and it’s good before applying makeup as well. 

Firming hand cream: It’s grape scent so it smells so yummy,,, it does make your hands feel so soft and it should be firming.

Stick perfume “Stream Milk”: It’s my favorite thing I got from Skin Food so far,,, very nice and soft smell,,, smells fresh and clean almost like baby powder.

Thanks for stopping by,,, I hope you liked it…

Talk to you in my next post,,, peace out.


August Favorites

Hello everyone!!! I’m sorry for posting this little late,,, I really miss talking to you guys.

Let’s start the favorite list.

Chopard perfume: I love the smell of this perfume,,, it stays all day on you,,, and the bottle itself is adorable.

Royal Care brush: This brush I’ve been using a lot lately for foundation, it does a great job and it is very soft,,, plus it’s very affordable.

Maybelline crayon: It’s such a great product, it goes on your lips smoothly and stays on for good long time, this one is on the shade 210 Keep It Classy,,, I love it and recommend it for everyone. 

Rimmel concealer: It’s the Super Stay one,,, it’s very soft and blends well, it gives good coverage, I see myself reaching for it a lot,,, definitely going to buy more.

Thanks for reading,,, have a great one.