Empties #6

Hello everybody,,, I really missed talking to you a lot,,, I’m back with some reviews of my empties, let’s get started…


You know by now that I got obsessed with Korean beauty products lately, so don’t get surprised when you find Korean things in almost every post…

SkinFood Argan Oil hair conditioner: I liked it a lot it made my hair softer, I loved the smell.

Botanics Brightening toner: One of my favorite toners ever and I keep rebuying it, very gentle on the skin, cheap price.

SkinFood Lettuce Water spray: I liked it to refresh my skin every now and then, smells amazing.

Pokemon peel off mask by Tony Moly: I have to have a peeling mask in my skin care routine and use it once or twice a week because it really does clean the skin, and this one did a great job,,, and I love the cute packaging.

Vasanti Bright Up face scrub: I received it in one of Glossyboxes and I used it up and liked how it felt on my skin, I used it everyday and it was very soft and gentle.

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked it.

Talk to you soon ❤


Recent Faves 


Hello beauties,,, these guys above 👆🏼 are my recent faves,,, by the way I’m going to post my favorite every few month now, so that I try the products more and make up my mind of what are my real faves,,, so lets begin.


Skin Food Tomato Wrinkle Sun Cream: I got it recently and I post it in a previous post, and I already love it, it feels good on my skin.

Love And Shine body mist from Bath And Body Works: I love all their body mists, this one if great for Summer, it smells so good and fresh.

Powdered Violet lip balm from Marks And Spencer: It feels really good and smooth on the lips, the packaging is very good and handy.


Lime Crime liquid lipstick: This one is in the shade Faded,,, it is matte beautiful color, doesn’t dry your lips, it’s just perfect.

Maybelline Fit Me concealer: This is my favorite concealer ever, smooth and creamy, easy to blend, perfect coverage, doesn’t crease of cake, this one is my 3rd one so far since I gave it a try the first time.

NYX eye pencil: NYX has a lot of eye products, all are very good, this pencil is Saphir shade, dark blue, it’s stays on and doesn’t smudge, the color is so pretty, and you can use it as an eyeliner, and good on the water line. 

RC Kabuki round brush: I always use it for blending in my foundation and it does a great job.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.

Love Skin Food


Hello beauties. 

Last weekend I went to the Skin Food store to check it out, and I was looking for some good skin creams and face washes, and I said I will give it a try.

First of all I love the name “Skin Food” just like our bodies need food, our skin does too.

I’ve tried a lot of skin stuff different brand but until this moment I didn’t stick to any.

I bout Aloe Vera face wash and I loved it,,, it makes my skin feel so good and fresh, the smell is nice and soft,,, you just squeeze out a little bit and it goes very well on your skin and cleans deeply,,, I’m sure I’m gonna repurchase it again and stick with it for a while.

And since I’m almost 30 I thought I should start taking care of my skin little more wrinkle and fine lines wise, so I got the day cream wich is perfect for me to use before I go out because it has SPF, and you can use it under makeup,,, and this Tomato kind should be good for taking care of the skin and avoid wrinkles,,, I really like how it feels on my skin,,, and I’m pretty sure I will stick with this one, finally found a good cream that works very good for me.

Since I like both of those products, I’m going to go ahead and get me a night cream as well.

I can’t wait to try more products,,, from their body lotions as well.

As soon as I get my hands on new stuff, I will let you know.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great one.